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How to engross customers in their leisure (waiting) time?

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Live Chat is the software which is embedded with many dialects such as JavaScript, Node, MySQL, C++, Erlang and consists of two elements. The ‘agent application’, where employees of the company reply to the queries asked by the customers on ‘website chat widget’. The application is enhanced with the user interface tool that makes communication quicker and efficient. The conversation can be done in two ways, ‘passive’ which is done when visitor taps on the chat button or on the widget and ‘active’ which is initiated by the agents or automatically via the system of Live Chat.

This service is beneficial but how can you get rid of the waiting time in a hilarious way. The period of waiting is really annoying and it squanders your precious time. To prevent this, create an enjoyable experience for customers by distracting them in attractively.

  • Enhancement in association- You should higher the efficient staff to provide quality information within the given duration. If the consumer has to wait for long, it creates a negative image of the company. So, a customer should always get a special feeling. He shouldn’t feel that he is ignored.
  • Workspace should be made- Many customers feel doing productive work, rather than just watching T.V. You should offer them the workstations, where they can easily carry-on with their work. Sockets, notes, pens and free Wi-Fi are the few things which a customer should get. 
  • Free Wi-Fi- The internet facility can keep customers busy and they can do several things on their device. When you browse or surf via internet, your time flies speedily and you don’t get irritated. Consumers will not feel monotonous if a strong internet facility is provided to them.
  • Eye-catching interior- The surroundings please you and compel you to appreciate the décor. The vibrant and energy giving colors always boost you with positivity. A water dispenser and bowl of candies should be there in waiting.
  •  Provide enjoyment- Many people come with their kids and you all know that children don’t sit even for a while. They need some entertaining stuff which would make them happy. Create a separate room with games and toys for children.
  • Light music- In the waiting area, play a light music which lifts up the mood of consumers and they feel energized. It should be in slow volume which should not create turmoil in the atmosphere.
  • Reading material- Provide your customers with magazines, brochures or other books which could keep them busy. Flipping through the pages of different magazines, a person learns different things.

To give finest facilities, a Live Chat Support team has groomed you with relevant guidelines. In order to excel, pay kind attention to all the above and come out with flying colours.

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