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Alert your Customer Support Team to Avoid Blunders this Year

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Live chat support is one of the best ways to improve the engagement of customers. This feature gives you the substantial and sustainable increases in conversion rates and the utmost satisfaction of customers.

  1. Requiring a way too information about the chat: The most common mistake in providing live chat is that you ask a lot before a user actually begins for a conversation like an email, phone number, user id etc. The best way is to first ask for the information later and to first, address their problems in the right direction. The less hassle or blocks a client moves through in the support, the better it is.
  2. Requires end-user installation: By using this support that requires the users to download and install on other connections, you will end up losing the time of a customer. There are many browsers based chat system which functions with zero installation from the point of view of a user. It might require a fair work internally, but it does save the customer from frustration and a decreased user-experience.
  3. Not having a skilled representative: It sums up the biggest problem in live chat support. There are common incidents where a user visits a page and the notification pops-up. Training and skill enhancement holds a crucial role in offering the support. He must be trained in customer handling, maximizing tools and enhancing multi-tasking capabilities.
  4. Unaware of the peak chat times: By getting well-refurbished with the peak hours, the staff can adjust their timings appropriately. This would, in turn, lessen the expenses and maximize the manpower. The amount of data gathered can predict possible volumes either on a weekly or monthly basis.
  5. Having too much automation: Do you know not all customers’ engaging needs to be personalized fully. The loop usage of automation is a thing which you need to avoid. Separate the simple queries which can be answered by robots. If you are on a budget, consider that you don’t necessarily need more manpower. You need better customer service representatives with more experience and the ability to think.

Hopefully, now you are well aware that the most common Live Chat mistakes that your agent might be trying, remove them as quickly as possible!

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